Unclog a Kitchen Sink in Los Alamitos with these Professional Tips

Stop fighting a losing battle with a clogged kitchen sink. You may think that you’re no match for your home’s plumbing, but that just isn’t so. Follow these professional tips to unclog a kitchen sink in Los Alamitos, CA, quickly, effectively, and safely.

Are You Using the Right Plunger?

Most kitchen sink clogs are shallow clogs. These clogs consist of food particles or objects that may have accidentally fallen into the sink and are not deeply imbedded obstructions. A regular household plunger should be able to do the trick and dislodge the material, but only if you use the correct type of plunger. Don’t run to the bathroom and grab the plunger hidden behind the toilet. This is the right tool for the job. You need a plunger that has a flat rubber head. Toilet plungers have an extension or a flange that extends from the bottom that won’t provide enough suction to remove the clog.

Are You Plunging Effectively?

This takes some practice because most people think that it’s all about pushing down. What you need to do is to create the right amount of suction while moving the plunger up and down. When plunging a kitchen sink, put a washcloth over top of the non-affected drain to close it off. This helps create a stronger suction. Then, run a little water into the clogged drain while plunging. If the clog is shallow, after a few attempts you should be able to clear the drain.

What about Drain Snakes?

We get this question a lot. Drain snakes can be purchased inexpensively at a home improvement store and are user-friendly. This tool is a long, flexible rod that is pushed through the drain to remove a clog. While this can be an effective way to get water flowing through the drain, what you’re really doing is just creating a hole through the clog. It’s highly likely that the drain will become blocked again within a short amount of time.

Unclog a Kitchen Sink in Los Alamitos with Professional Drain Cleaning

For tough clogs, we recommend calling a drain cleaning company like My Los Alamitos Plumber Hero to perform hydro jet drain cleaning. This is an effective, eco-friendly, and affordable drain cleaning methods that is great for deeply embedded clogs.

For more information, call My Los Alamitos Plumber Hero to schedule an appointment to speak with a drain cleaning plumber.

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